Product Warranty



The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase and covers repair of defects existing at time of purchase.


The warranty do not covers damage that in the opinion of ZOHAR ordinary wear and tear,

Modification, attempted repair or tampered with by anyone other than personnel,

Or by failure to follow our special Product Care Advice.


The Care Advice can be found on the menu below.

  • The warranty does not cover any damage caused by irregular use of the jewellery.

  • The warranty does not cover jewellery cleaning.

  • The warranty does not cover damage due to full immersion in water.

  • The warranty does not apply to breakage, tearing or scratches.

Every item found to be defective under this warranty may be, at the discretion of ZOHAR

  • 1.  replaced by an identical piece, if available: 

  • 2.  substituted with a piece of comparable value. 

  • 3. repaired depending on the degree of damage to the warranted product as well as on the feasibility and the availability of replacement parts.