Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions


Payment security is our first priority. Online payment at zohar.com.au is ensured over 3 layers:

1. Network Layer: Security is guaranteed at this level with a powerful firewall.

2. Systematic layer: Anti-hawker, anti-virus and loophole scanning systems are in place.

3. Application layer: An SSL certificate issued by an industry renowned and respected authentication certificate provider is installed, providing confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity guarantees as well as a secure environment for online data input.

Payment Method

Pay by Bank Transfer.

Pay by PayPal.
Pay by Credit Card

We accept all major credit cards: Visa; MasterCard online, JCB,

The shipping address must be the same as the billing address. Credit cards that are due to expire

within the next 5 days will not be accepted.

Important note:


Please make sure that your billing information submitted to zohar.com.au corresponds to the address where your credit card statements are received. This address should also be the same address that your credit card company has on file. If you are not sure of your correct billing address, please contact your credit card company for details. Billing and identity information that is inaccurate will delay the shipment of your order.