How Do I Place An Order?


  • Provide your billing address.

  • Provide your shipping address (you can choose to make this the same as your billing address)

  • Choose your delivery method.

  • Choose your payment method.

  • Review your order, read and agree to the Terms of Service, and place order.


To place a product in your shopping cart, select size and quantity, then click the "ADD TO CART" button.

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Payment and Shipping


Delivery time takes up to 10 working days from the date your payment is received.

If the purchased product is in stock it will ship within 2 working days and if the delivery address

is in Australia the item will arrive within 4 working days from the date of purchase.

Outside of Australia may take longer depending on the destination.


Although every effort is made to ship your Order according to the estimated delivery times provided,

estimated ship times may change due to changes in supply or circumstances beyond our control.

If your Product has not arrived after the estimated delivery time, please contact us here.


Unless otherwise agreed by us, we will deliver your Products to the address indicated on your Order Confirmation.

If no-one is available to take delivery of your Products,

our carrier will leave a card so you can pick-up your Product from your local Post Office.


We will use our reasonable efforts to deliver your Products to you within the estimated delivery time indicated on your Order Confirmation; however, we do not guarantee that we will deliver within this time frame.



Returns & Refunds


Please choose carefully before purchase…


An exchange or a credit due to change of mind, is permitted within 14 days as long as:


  • the item was NOT worn

  • the Original receipt is provided

  • the Item is sent in the original package.


Only one exchange is permitted. Any exchange is limited to the country of origin.


We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind, or make a wrong decision.


You can choose between a refund, exchange or credit where goods:


  • are faulty

  • have been wrongly described

  • are different from a sample shown to you

  • do not do what they are supposed to.


Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase


Australia consumer law refunds and returns policy apply.

Lay-by agreement

An agreement is considered to be a lay-by if you the consumer:

  • pays for the goods in at least two instalments (when the agreement is called a lay-by), or

  • pays for the goods in at least three instalments (when the agreement is not specifically called a lay-by), and

  • does not receive the goods until the full price has been paid.

Any deposit paid by the consumer is an instalment.

You may have obligations under the laws about lay-by agreements even if you do not call the agreement a ‘lay-by’.


Business requirements for lay-by agreements:

we must provide a copy of the lay-by agreement to the customer.

we must ensure that a lay-by agreement is:

  • in writing

  • specifies all terms and conditions, including any termination charge

  • is transparent, which means that it must be expressed in plain language, legible and clearly presented.

Cancellation of a lay-by agreement:

we may cancel the lay-by agreement only if:

  • the customer has breached a term of the agreement (such as missing a scheduled payment)

  • we are no longer engaged in trade or commerce, or

  • the goods are no longer available due to circumstances outside of your control.

If we cancel the lay-by agreement or if the customer cancels the lay-by agreement because of something that was our fault (for example, the goods were damaged while in storage) we will not be able to charge the customer 

the termination fee.

A customer can cancel the lay-by agreement any time before delivery of the goods (prior to the collection time).

If the customer cancels the lay-by agreement we will refund the customer all amounts paid less any termination fee that was clearly specified in the lay-by agreement, we are entitled to charge a reasonable termination fee for cancellation of Lay-by agreements. 

The fee applicable to your agreement cancellation, less any termination fee are $40.00 AUD,

its is including Storage fee and administrative and G.S.T costs.

All Lay-by agreements run for maximum period of 6 weeks , if the customer fails to maintained the instalments agreed by the period we will reserves to cancel the agreement and place the item back on display.

Before cancelling your lay-by agreements with us we will send you a notice via email, phone or text to collect your goods in the next 7 days prior to collection time..


Jewellery care advice


Please follow this list of care instructions to ensure you get the most out of your new pieces:


  • All our fashion jewelry is traditionally crafted and therefore very delicate.

  • The metal is plated and each crystal is individually set, As a result, special care is required.

  • Be sure to clean your jewellery with a jewellery cleaning cloth every 2-3 weeks. 

        Polish your jewelry frequently with a soft cloth to maintain its original, shinning finish.

  • Gold plated jewellery must not be worn while showering.

  • Put on jewelry last when dressing and take off first when undressing.

  • Remove jewelry before washing hands, swimming, and/or applying products

        (e.g., perfume, hairspray, soap, or lotion), as this could harm the metal and reduce the life of the plating,

        as well as cause discoloration and loss of crystal brilliance.

  • Please avoid contact with ocean water and swimming pools. Both salt water and chlorine can damage silver.

  • Avoid hard contact (i.e., knocking against hard objects) that can scratch or chip the crystal.

  • Store your jewelry in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid scratches, It is best to store your jewellery in a jewellery box, closed drawer or in a small bag to protect it from oxidising and prevent tarnishing.


Jewellery Warranty


The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase and covers repair of defects existing at time of purchase. 


The warranty only covers damage that in the opinion of ZOHAR ordinary wear and tear,

modification, attempted repair or tampered with by anyone other than personnel,

or by failure to follow our special product Care Advice.


The Care Advice can be found on this page above.


  • The warranty does not cover any damage caused by irregular use of the jewellery

  • The warranty does not cover jewellery cleaning.

  • The warranty does not cover damage due to full immersion in water.

  • The warranty does not apply to breakage, tearing or scratches.


Every item found to be defective under this warranty may be,  

  • replaced by an identical piece, if available: 

  • substituted with a piece of comparable value. 

  • repaired depending on the degree of damage to the warranted product as well

         as on the feasibility and the availability of replacement parts.